5 Tips for Stress-Free Travel During Summer Vacation

May 26, 2017 4:51 pm


There’s no time like summer vacation for a little travel, whether you stay relatively local or hit the road (or the sky) for more far-flung adventures. Sure, summer is ideal for families with kids in school, but there’s just something about the warmer months and more laid-back attitude of summer that makes it a great time for anyone – singles and couples included – to take a trip, kick back, and leave the cares of everyday life behind.

Of course, leaving those cares behind means you need to do a few things before heading out to ensure your property is protected. Fortunately, there are plenty of low-cost options to provide you with plenty of peace of mind while you travel.

  • Invest in a security system. Sounds expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. There are DIY-installation systems that tie into ongoing monitoring services, or you might opt for security cameras that you can monitor using your smartphone or tablet. You can even invest in a doorbell equipped with a camera and speaker so you can respond to visitors and make it seem like you’re home even when you’re not.
  • Buy some timers. Plugging lamps and a radio or TV into timers is a great way to make it look like someone’s home. Look for “smart” timers you can control with an app so you can vary the time you turn on your lights and TV for a more “lived-in” effect.
  • Stay off social media. Yes, summer vacation travel plans are exciting, but boasting about those plans on social media isn’t a good idea. That’s because studies show thieves also use social media to target homes that are going to be empty. Save your stories and pictures for when you get home, and while you’re traveling, keep your posts generic.
  • Make your home look “lived in.” Stop your mail and ask a neighbor to water planters and remove any flyers. If your travel plans are extended, consider hiring someone to mow your lawn; arrange to pay ahead of time.

One more tip to put your mind at ease: If your summer vacation travel plans include renting a car, check your car and homeowner insurance policies to see if you need to purchase that extra coverage the rental company may be pushing. Often, your own policies provide ample coverage so you don’t have to spend the extra cash. Some gold, platinum and other premium credit cards offer rental car coverage as well. And if your policy doesn’t offer rental coverage, ask about adding it. It’s surprisingly affordable, and depending on how long you plan to rent a car, it can pay for itself pretty quickly. Call Atlantic Pacific Insurance at 800-538-0487 and ask for a quick, no-cost policy review today.

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