Workers Comp for Florida Businesses: Here’s What You Should Know

August 30, 2016 1:56 pm

In Florida, workers compensation provides plenty of benefits and protections for both workers and employers. And although the state workers comp program has been in existence for many years, the specifics of the program can be confusing to many business owners, especially if they’re new to the marketplace or they don’t keep up with the most recent changes in policy.


To help bridge those gaps, here’s a quick FAQ on workers comp regulations to help your business remain in compliance with the law:

What employers are required to provide workers comp in Florida?

Requirements can vary based on the type of business, number of employees and other factors. Generally speaking, construction businesses with one or more employees and non-construction businesses with four or more employees must have workers comp insurance. Farms with six or more regular employees and/or 12 seasonal employees working more than 30 days during a season are also required to have workers comp.

Do I need to provide workers comp for subcontractors?

No, subcontractors and independent contractors will need to provide their own workers’ compensation insurance for anyone in their own company. Businesses should ask to see proof of workers comp insurance for any subcontractors they hire to ensure the coverage is in place.

What injuries are covered under workers comp?

Workers compensation covers just about any injury that occurs while an employee is performing his or her work duties, whether the injury occurs at your business or at another location where your business is being conducted, and no matter who is at fault. In a few instances, coverage is not provided, such as when an employee becomes injured on purpose, intentionally disregards safety protocol or becomes injured as a result of being intoxicated. Even if you think an injury is not work-related, it’s still your duty to file a report with your insurance carrier within a week of learning about the injury.

If I have workers comp insurance, can I still be sued for damages?

Although workers comp provides protection against most litigation against the employer, there are instances where additional compensation may be sought. In these cases, the employee must prove negligence in order to receive additional damages.

How much does workers compensation insurance cost?

The cost of workers comp coverage can vary widely based on the type of work the employees perform, the employer’s claims history and other factors. Workplace safety programs and other initiatives may help lower the cost of coverage.

More questions? We can help.

Atlantic Pacific Insurance is a top provider of workers compensation insurance for all types of businesses. We can help you understand your needs and find the coverage that’s ideal for your business so you remain in compliance with the law. If you’d like to learn more about workers comp or review your needs or policy, call us today at 800-538-0487.

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