The Right Insurance Is Essential for Helping Landscape Businesses Grow and Thrive

April 19, 2016 8:02 pm

Landscaping is “big business,” not just in Florida, but throughout the U.S., where it ranks as one of the top home improvement spends among all homeowners. And that’s a trend that’s likely to continue: Statistics show the landscape industry is poised for significant growth over the next decade, especially in Florida, where beautiful, year-round weather means more time spent outside – and more emphasis on landscaping as a primary home improvement project. There are lots of things that go in to making a landscape company successful, including the right tools, the right staff and the right training. If you own or manage a landscape company, having the right insurance should also be part of that equation.shutterstock_300123554

The Risks of Landscaping

Landscaping companies have plenty of risks, most of which affect their employees, but some of which can also potentially affect their customer base. For instance, most landscaping companies use herbicides, pesticides and other chemicals to deter pests, weeds and fungus and spur growth. And even though workers may be trained in the proper use and application of these products, accidents can still happen. In fact, pesticides are a major cause of workplace poisoning, causing both short-term and long-term effects, including respiratory problems, rashes, seizures, neurological problems and cancer. What’s more, workers aren’t the only ones affected: Accidental poisoning can be harmful to customers and their pets as well, and overspray can drift into other areas causing unintentional pollution. The potential liability for landscaping companies held responsible for these accidents can be huge.

Chemical exposure is just one of the risks landscape workers face. Equipment-related injuries are another common cause of injury – not really surprising, since many of the machines used by landscaping companies use blades designed to cut. Equipment can also cause damage to customers’ property through improper use of the equipment, or simple malfunction.

Balancing Your Risks

Atlantic Pacific Insurance is a leading provider of insurance products for landscaping companies. As an independent insurance company, Atlantic Pacific works with carriers from across the country to find the best products at the lowest prices. In addition to basic business owner’s policies, plenty of other options are available to create a customized solution based on your business’ unique needs and risk profile, including liability coverage, worker’s compensation policies and umbrella coverage for added protection and extra peace of mind.

Because each business’ needs and risks are different – and because in sunny Florida, landscaping is a year-round business, it’s critically important to work with an insurance agent to review your needs on a regular basis – at least once each year, and more frequently if you add new services or equipment to ensure your coverage evolves with your business. If you’d like to learn more about insurance options that can help keep your business protected, Atlantic Pacific Insurance can help. Call toll-free at 800-53-.0487 or visit the website today.

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