Time For Spring Cleaning!

March 10, 2014 1:07 pm

Spring is almost here, and it’s time to get your household in order! Protect your home and keep it looking great with these helpful tips:

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning makes your house seem fresh and new. It’s a great way to get rid of your old clutter and give your rooms the face lift they so desperately need. Here are a few tips as you begin your spring cleaning project:

  • Clean items that aren’t cleaned regularly. This includes things like the carpet, drapes and silver.
  • Scrub in tight places and under appliances. Move your fridge and sweep underneath it. Get that tight spot between your stove and microwave. Scrub down the tops of your cabinets and dusty light fixtures.
  • Re-organize. Throw away old clutter and buy organizers to put everything in its place. If you haven’t used it or worn it in three years, throw it out.
  • Repaint rooms. Repainting a room is a big undertaking, but it’s worth it–newly painted rooms have a fresh clean quality that will enhance your spring cleaning job.shutterstock_95601205

Update Homeowners Insurance

If you haven’t updated your homeowners insurance in a while, now is the time. You may have recently bought some new valuables that need to be scheduled, or previously scheduled items may have appreciated in value. These things will need to be updated on your policy.

Take a look at your home insurance coverage. Make a meeting with your insurance agent. Plan to discuss the amount of coverage on your policy, including your liability coverage and property damage coverage.

In your meeting with your insurance agent, you may also need to discuss other property coverages like flood insurance. Make a list of topics to cover when you sit down with your agent.

Outdoor Spring Projects

Spring is also the time to get the outside of your house in tip-top shape. Here are a few common projects you may wish to undertake:

  • Repainting. Flaking paint only gets worse with time. Inspect your home and shed for signs of damage. In some cases, you may be able to patch areas where the paint needs to be repaired. If the damage is extensive enough, you may need to scrape off the old paint and start over.
  • Landscaping. When the weather is warm enough, plant annuals and new grass. Prune shrubbery to incite new growth. If you plan to have a vegetable garden, prepare your soil with fertilizers and worm castings.
  • Seal your driveway. This keeps your driveway from cracking and deteriorating over time. Asphalt driveways will need to be sealed every three years, and concrete driveways will need to sealed every five years.

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