Forget Your Worries and Focus on the Fun: Special Event Insurance Has Your Back

April 28, 2017 5:37 pm


Spring and summer are popular times for all sorts of special events, from weddings to graduations to family reunions and more. After all, all that warm, sunny weather means plenty of events can be held outdoors, which means there’s plenty of room for friends and family to get together and enjoy the special day.

Big events like a wedding or reunion require lots of planning and a big financial investment, but unfortunately, no matter how long you plan or how much money you spend, you can’t always anticipate unexpected events that can result in an event cancellation. And that means all that time and money can be wasted. Unless, of course, you have the foresight to purchase special event insurance.

What is special event insurance?

Special event insurance is designed to provide financial protection – and major peace of mind – to anyone who’s invested in a special celebration, covering losses that can occur when an event needs to be canceled or postponed. Policies can include a wide range of coverage options, paying out when an event is canceled due to inclement weather or natural disasters, or if a key member of the party like the bride, groom or other participant becomes ill or injured. Your policy can provide coverage for caterers, photographers or other vendors who wind up not showing up, and some policies can even cover the costs of a wedding gown, tux or gifts that are damaged or stolen.

Wedding special event policies often can be extended to include the honeymoon, so if that special Caribbean honeymoon locale just happens to be damaged by a passing hurricane, you can recover your costs. (Considering hurricane season starts in June, it’s easy to see how having special event insurance can go a long way toward protecting your event investment.) Plus, some policies will pay for professional counseling when an event cancellation results in emotional distress.

And just as importantly, your special event insurance policy offers liability coverage just in case a guest of your event becomes injured – an especially important consideration if you plan to host a portion of your event in your home, since your homeowner’s coverage may fall short of what you’ll wind up needing to cover accident-related liability costs.

How much coverage will I need?

That’s a good question, and it depends on lots of factors, including the amount and type of coverage you want and other issues. Fortunately, at Atlantic pacific Insurance, we have plenty of experience in assessing our clients’ needs so they get the optimal amount of coverage. And the best part: A quick phone call is all it takes to review your needs and discuss your policy options. If you’re planning a special event this spring or summer, call Atlantic Pacific Insurance at 800-538-0487 and speak with one of our agents today.

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